Case Study: Jolly Fryer

Bristol-based Jolly Fryer first opened its doors in 1986, and 38 years later the fish and chip shop is one of the only businesses on Filton Avenue not to have changed in that time.

Owner, Nick Lomvardos, has been working in the restaurant since he was just 18 years old, when it was owned and operated by his parents. Having been serving the North Bristol community for so long, Jolly Fryer is now deemed a Filton institution by the locals.

Nick said: “The world has changed a lot since 1986 and we’ve always wanted to move with the times, which was why we signed up to Just Eat, in 2018. Jolly Fryer is based very close to the University of the West of England, so as you can imagine we get a lot of custom from students who have grown up shopping online, and so ordering their dinner on an app would be almost second nature to them. We also have a lot of local families who are regular customers too.

“Being on the platform definitely helps our business. Being on the app means we get more exposure with students who aren’t from the area and love fish and chips but don’t know where to find them. These days, a third of our orders come via Just Eat alone, and we can’t fault the support we get. It’s even helped us to take on more staff to cope with demand too.”