Case Study: Pizza Paradise

New Portsmouth restaurant, Pizza Paradise, is taking a new approach to the classic pizza takeaway. The dedicated team is on a mission to redefine the art of pizza making, from great quality ingredients to perfecting the art of dough tossing. 

“We opened Pizza Paradise earlier this year. The idea stemmed from our own love of pizza. My mother is a great cook and has always made delicious, traditional, homemade bread, which doesn’t include any of the chemicals included in shop-bought dough. This got me thinking – can we make deep pan, classic pizzas the same way? And with the help of my talented team, it took us over 50 pizza recipes to find the perfect one, but we got there!” says owner Milad Nazari. 

Milad Nazari opened the restaurant in February this year, and attributes the business’ success to the support of his team – every day they are dedicated to making fresh, organic dough on their site and are not afraid to improve or try new recipes. 

To support the growth of the business and build customers, Nazari joined Just Eat as soon as he opened the restaurant. 

“It was a no-brainer to join Just Eat, I’d run a previous restaurant that did great with orders on the platform and I knew I could trust them to support me with Pizza Paradise as well. Just Eat helped us attract new customers, who then go on to visit our restaurant again and again. Over 30% of orders are made through Just Eat and being on the platform encourages us to continue making sure our product is the best it can be to stand out.” 

As the restaurant continues to thrive, Nazari has plans to expand the restaurant in the future, with the support of his team, family and friends. However, in the meantime they are focusing on launching their new menu and investing in an additional oven to keep up with the delivery.

“I’m looking forward to seeing where our partnership with Just Eat can go, especially as delivery orders continue to grow and customers are valuing convenience more than ever.  From the ease of customers ordering to being there to support us with our recent menu updates – Just Eat has been the best. They seem to really ‘get’ small businesses and our needs.”