Case Study: Munchies

Sheffield headquartered Munchies has been selling fresh burgers made of prime cuts of premium Angus beef and breaded buttermilk chicken, alongside shakes and wings for almost seven years. The business signed up to Just Eat within a year of opening to reach more hungry customers across the city.

“We always wanted to bring fresh, zero processed meats into the fast food space and we’ve achieved that successfully. We’re always tweaking and enhancing our recipes, and we’ve combined this with an efficient system which means our meals arrive tasty, warm and fresh,” owner Shafkat Khan Mohammed explains.

“We wanted to expand our reach and we understood that Just Eat has a pool of loyal customers that regularly order – it’s a platform that consumers trust.”

Now, Shafkat is operating three branches, with a new site opening in nearby Rotherham later this year. Just Eat customers make up to 35 percent of Munchies’ orders across some sites, and Shafkat credits the platform with having helped his business grow and reach more customers.

“Just Eat has been an incredible partner for Munchies. We look at our business through the lens of delivery, and the new areas we can reach. For example, one of our existing branches is doing really well but instead of expanding that site we’ve decided to open a new, additional site five miles away – this will help us meet growing demand by serving some of the existing customer base plus reach new customers in new areas.

“Our relationship with Just Eat is really genuine – while we work with other aggregators too, we have a much more meaningful relationship with Just Eat. There is good dialogue and good support. We feel like partners as opposed to customers.”