Case Study: Chris’s Fish and Chips

Chris’s Fish and Chips, based in Barwell, was one of the first fish and chip restaurants to join the Just Eat platform.

The restaurant offers quick delivery of top quality fish and chips, kebabs, burgers and fried chicken. They also pride themselves on their alternative low fat fish and chip menu offering delicious grilled haddock or cod.

“I’m a third generation fish fryer and grew up helping my parents at their fish and chip shop until I was 18. I then felt ready to open my own fish and shop and despite all the challenges, the business still feels very close to my heart – I even met my wife making fish and chips over 25 years ago! 

“At Chris’s Fish and Chip Shop we still favour the traditional fish and chips but over the years have added different flavours and dishes to the menu such as kebabs and pizzas” says the owner, Strad Kyriacou. 

The restaurant and Just Eat have continued to grow together as Chris’s Fish and Chips joined the platform over a decade ago. 

“We’ve experienced year on year growth with Just Eat since we joined, during Covid we were gaining 15 – 20 per cent more new customers every week. The process to sign up is easy and once you’re online you receive access to a variety of discounts and savings via Booker and Makro as well as other essentials like utilities and internet.

“We’re very passionate about protecting our planet and operate a no waste restaurant. We’ve also reduced our energy usage by eighty per cent and we’re proud of the fact that our customers know us to be ethical. Our partnership with Just Eat has helped support this, through discounted e-bikes and more.” adds Kyriacou. 

As Covid hit and food delivery orders skyrocketed, Just Eat continued to support Kyriacou’s expanding delivery operation with online marketing, promotions and access to new customers. 

“Our relationship with Just Eat is something that we’re proud of, they’ve been there through the growth of our business and vice versa. Through Just Eat, we’ve won several different industry awards which has helped boost awareness of our business. 

“We view Just Eat as an extension of our business, a silent partner who supports us in the marketing and running of our business. Just Eat takes a lot of work off our plate and honestly I’m not sure any restaurant business could expand the way we did without them.”